Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Beau!!!

Happy first Birthday to my little Beau Beau tomorrow! We celebrated a day early since Smitty has to go out of town tomorrow for business the day of his real Birthday. Here is Beau with one of his many gifts his pink stroller. He loves this thing he pushes it around for hours in the kitchen. He was definitely spoiled for his Birthday he got way to much he doesn't even know what to play with that is how much stuff this kiddo was showered with.
Here he is just after he got done eatin some chocolate Birthday cake.
Another first for him was he got his first hair cut. He definitely needed it the kid looked like a rag muffin if you ask me. Now he is ready for his pics with Santa this week. He still sports the "flow hawk", but we can also come it down for "church boy". He did surprisingly well despite the hair tickling his neck.
A little family shot with the Birthday boy. Yes I am wearing sweats (yuck).
Getting ready to blow out his 1st candle on his cake. Beau kept making this silly face when we told him to look at the camera and smile. I think all the attention he was getting made him a little goofy.
This look is priceless I must say, my little chubba bubba. I put this pic at the end to cap off the night. Love my little guy a year goes by so fast,

Friday, October 16, 2009

Quick up date

Sorry I have not updated my blog in a long time everyone but it has been crazy...So here is a really fast update of some recent things we have done and have been up to.
We decided to head out to the FlowerMound "pumpkin patch" with some friends. A few highlights and low lights from that event. My car got stuck in mud so I had a tractor pull me out. There were swarms of bee's every where it was nasty. Couldn't put Beau down because it was wet and soggy every where ( low point).
The high points look at this kids face he was so happy, he loved the pumpkins and the kids. He did not like when I was hitting him with a diaper because bee's would not leave this kid alone while we ate lunch.
We went to the largest far in the U.S it was awesome, we ate fried food and it was yummy.....Beau didnt care to much for the fair, he was having a bad day.
Saw this cute baby giraffe at the childrens petting zoo, they even had a kangaroo it was precious.
So that is our quick up date for now I will try to do better with this darn blog. Next up on our event planner....NYC and Halloween in Utah!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Long awaited post

Things that we have been up to. Well our computer was on the fritz so I couldn't upload any photo's let alone use my computer. So I have been using Justin's work one until we get a new one. We had his 6 month check up he weighs 18pds and 9oz, 27.5 inches long and going strong. He loves to eat if you cant tell, anything that he can put into his mouth, from hair to his own diapers.
We go to the pool a lot Beau likes to drink the chlorine in particular. It's nice to have a pool near us to get out of the heat and cool off.
We have gone to the park, Beau just likes to watch all the little kids run around him, he starts to squeal and get really excited.
This is a trick Smitty has been working on with Beau since his legs were stable enough, he gets really excited when he does this with his dad. Smitty said he is starting to get to heavy to hold him with one hand, so now he has to use both.

Took Beau to a Rangers Dodgers Baseball game a couple of weeks ago. Not a good experience, he screamed and cried the entire time. He did not like the music, crowd of people, or the fire works can you tell by his face how happy he was. So concerts, baseball games, anything really loud wont be in our future for a while.

Beau has finally mastered sitting up by himself he has been sitting for the last 3 weeks but not with out his support of his Boppy. This is an older pic hence the Boppy behind him. He is so much fun right now, he can imitate certain faces that you make at him. He giggles all the time at the silliest things. He is also a lot more work, he has quite the little attitude when he is grumpy or you take a toy away(yikes)!
Any who I'll try to keep up on the blog, next up our trips home.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

5 Months

I cant believe this guy is 5 months old. Can I just say I love this stage of his life, he is so much fun and his personality just keeps shining through. Some of his favorite things right now: His mommy, yes he is a mommas boy( I love it). Beau love his walker, he flies around our hard wood floors with it. Plastic bottles filled with a cold liquid so he can suck on them(teething). Daddy time, when Smitty walks through that door from work Beau gets a huge smile and he knows what time it is. Bath time is Beau's favorite time of the day he likes to splash and pee in the water.
He is so much fun Smitty and I just cant get enough of our little "Beau Beau".
This is Beau's infamous picture face, "Deer in head lights". We can never get him smiling when we get the camera out, I think the flash distracts him.
He looks like quite the porker in this pic, Smitty and I think he weighs at least 17 to 18 pounds.

Friday, April 24, 2009

To Big

I set Beau in his bouncer for 2 seconds and I turned around and this is how I found him. You could say he doesn't like his bouncer anymore.

Monday, April 13, 2009

4 Months

Here are some quick Easter photo's of the little guy he looked so darn cute in his Easter outfit that I couldn't help myself. As you can see he pretty much has the same facial expressions in all of his photo's.
A quick update on his "Stats". He weighs 16pds 3oz, 77% for his age, and is 25inches tall 56%. So he is average and chunky. We are also starting to notice some hints of red in his hair, you can definitely see it in the picture above. The first picture it looks brown, so it will be interesting to see what color of hair and eyes he ends up with.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smith's have come to Texas

We were so lucky to have Smitty's family come down for a quick impromptu visit. We love when our family can come out and enjoy our good weather, and see the "Beau Beau". Here are some pics from there visit. Above is our favorite cousin Lu Lu, who Beau is always entertained by as are we.
Papa "G" and Beau waiting for there meal at "Bobs", which was so yummy as usual.
Beau with Mimi and Papa "G". Beau was looking at something but we are not quite sure what, must of been the jumbo shrimp.
Thanks for coming out Mimi, Papa "G", Brenden, Shea, and Lu Lu. We miss you guy's and will see ya soon!