Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Beau!!!

Happy first Birthday to my little Beau Beau tomorrow! We celebrated a day early since Smitty has to go out of town tomorrow for business the day of his real Birthday. Here is Beau with one of his many gifts his pink stroller. He loves this thing he pushes it around for hours in the kitchen. He was definitely spoiled for his Birthday he got way to much he doesn't even know what to play with that is how much stuff this kiddo was showered with.
Here he is just after he got done eatin some chocolate Birthday cake.
Another first for him was he got his first hair cut. He definitely needed it the kid looked like a rag muffin if you ask me. Now he is ready for his pics with Santa this week. He still sports the "flow hawk", but we can also come it down for "church boy". He did surprisingly well despite the hair tickling his neck.
A little family shot with the Birthday boy. Yes I am wearing sweats (yuck).
Getting ready to blow out his 1st candle on his cake. Beau kept making this silly face when we told him to look at the camera and smile. I think all the attention he was getting made him a little goofy.
This look is priceless I must say, my little chubba bubba. I put this pic at the end to cap off the night. Love my little guy a year goes by so fast,


Hillary N said...

love the pics, love the pink stroller..its hot!, love faces Beau pulls, love the sweats, love your xmas tshirt, love family photo, love the chubba wubba, love you guys!